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Jenga Slots Game Described for Players Online

Jenga Slots Game Described for Players Online

The old fashioned game of Jenga, that tower of different coloured wooden blocks that could not fall over, is now available in an online game by the leading developer of casino games, Amaya. Players can now win prizes for playing the family game of their childhood, and trying to take blocks out of the stacked tower and placing them on the top, without the tower collapsing.

Different Colour Blocks have Different Values

The online or web version of Jenga is a no- reels, 18 pay lines slots game. Jenga shows the player seven different brightly coloured bricks, each colour having a different value. There are some bonus bricks too, which have an added value. The player can win prizes for making lines of different coloured blocks, with additional wins if the extra linking blocks are of the same colour. Winning pay lines are the different levels of the tower that are the same colour. Each time a winning line is made, it will disappear and other blocks will fall into its place. Magic blocks can change the blocks into the colour that is needed for a win. Special unique bonuses are offered, like the Magic Blocks and also Layer Bombs, and the player can also win free spins. There are sixty four different line bet combinations you can choose from. This slots game is suited for all players, whatever the level of their experience may be.

The Spin Effects

When the player clicks on the spin button, the Jenga tower will pull out all the loose bricks and stack them on the top of the tower, just like in the wooden edition of the game. Any three bricks of the same colour in the same line will win the player a prize. The different coloured bricks have different values. For example, the purple has a value of one coin and green two coins. An orange block has the value of five coins, and yellow means fifteen coins. Red gives the player twenty five coins, white fifty and blue is the most valuable, with 100 points won for a brick of that colour.

Playing Jenga Casino Slot

Special Bonuses and Free Spins are Offered

Magic Blocks work on the same principle as a Wild symbol, and they have the power to change the colour of adjacent blocks, to improve the player’s chances of extra winning pay lines and links. The Layer bomb is more like expanding Wilds, and they have the power to destroy and replace complete lines of bricks in order to create some really big possible wins. The free spins bonus is completely random bonus, and may appear as a reward whenever the Jenga tower becomes too tall and the player succeeds in collapsing it.

An important part of playing Jenga slot, and indeed the major part of the strategy is keeping the balance between the lines played and line-bets. It is possible for the Player to play either nine or eighteen lines on any spin, and the player can apply one of thirty two different line – bet options to either the  nine or the eighteen line option. There is a variety of wagers that can be placed, of several coin values, whatever will suit the player.

Like demo mode of some real money pokies, Jenga is an improved version of a popular old game, and can certainly be played for free at first, so the player can check out the play options and special features, prizes and bonuses.