GEMiX Online Play’n Go Slot Game Comprehensive Review

GEMiX Online Play’n Go Slot Game Comprehensive Review

This is a rather innovative and unique online slot game design from Play’n Go that rather creatively combines the action of slot gaming with that of the presently very popular fruity grid forming games for the smartphone platform most notably.

Whilst this is a theme and game design that has been implemented before, this GEMiX slot game offers a slightly different approach in that the nature of this game is more inclined to that of the aforementioned fruity gem games, with the addition essentially, of the capability of winning real money through said gaming interface.

Therefore, this is a slot game variant for players looking for something a little different or for those that love the gem oriented mobile games.

Whether or not the style of this game appeals to players there are still a few features incorporated that make the game rather more exciting than the style might let on. In this regard players will find the usual reels setup missing from this game screen, and rather a 7 by 7 grid takes the central role in this GEMiX slot game, with the possibility then to be able to form up combinations within said grid, comprised predominantly of colourful gems, to ultimately try and hit some online blackjack wins.

Added to this gameplay style there are also a few bonuses, which not only add a little extra to the winning potential but also to the actual gameplay, with a more progressive style permeating across to the players.

Exploring this Slot’s Unique Theme Design

Setup of an online slot game theme can often be rather tricky for the developers as they want something that is not only appealing to a wide range of online players but also serves to relate and add context to the slot game itself, as well as the industry as a whole.

In choosing this theme the developers took an already large consumer base and attempted to add a winning and betting mechanism to it, which resulted in this rather interesting slot game experience found in this GEMiX online slot game. Other than the unique mechanics the other slot features like graphics, sound effects and even backdrop are present and in a notable capacity.

Whereas a more mainstream slot game would have specific symbols to analyse here this GEMiX slot game rather features various gems, with the star gem leading the pack in terms of winning capabilities.

These gems sit on the aforementioned 7 by 7 grid and can form wins across the available 9 pay lines, which are adjustable through the game settings below this grid.

GEMiX Slot’s Gem Related Bonus Features

The first bonus feature to take into consideration in this slot is the cascading wins system in play, which allows wins formed to be tallied and then disappear, allowing for more gems to fall into these gems’ places and form additional wins on the grid.

There is also the briefly touched on feature where players progress through worlds of gem grids, forming more and more patterns to unlock more lucrative winnings.

There is also a crystal charge feature in play at all times, which allows for a series of bonuses when players form enough combinations to trigger it. This can lead to a medley of additional and rather exciting wins, much like the feeling one gets when winning a game of online blackjack or poker.

On top of this, GEMiX slot from Play’n Go also features certain characters, depending on which world players are playing in, which drop in to award Wilds to the grid and additional wins to the players’ wallets.