Understanding Prop Bets for New Zealand Sports Betting

Understanding Prop Bets for New Zealand Sports Betting

Generally, sportsbooks from New Zealand and the rest of the world tend to do well when it comes to prop betting, largely because these wagers are driven by public interest, and the perception that is generally held regarding them.

Most punters will make use of these purely for fun, for the off-chance that they will manage to garner a big payout, and the Average Joe does not put too much thought into the process.

The vast majority of New Zealand sportsbooks will also spend a lot less time ensuring that the lines for props are sharp –especially when one compares the attention they pay to more traditional lines, like those for moneyline bets, point spread wagers, and the totals for over/unders.

Instead, they will charge extra juice on prop bets, making it a lot easier for them to see a profit on these kinds of wagers.

Punters Need to Smarten Up for Prop Bets

While many New Zealanders regard prop bets as those aimed at newbies and suckers, thanks to the popularity that they continue to enjoy amongst casual punters and the increased juice they feature, there are, in fact, many people who are seeing very good returns thanks to playing them properly.

A good example of a profitable area for focus for these kinds of bets is player props. Most bookmakers will offer some version of these kinds of bets, usually in a form like over/under wagers, like totals.

For instance, you may run across props that ask you to wager on whether or not a player like LeBron James will be able to score more or less than 32, or if Dez Bryant will have more or less than 6 receptions.

The Most Common Types of Wagers

New Zealand punters, for the most part, tend to concentrate on the kinds of wagers that focus on games in team sports, like basketball or football, and these concentrate on handicapping the entire squad.

But savvy sports betting NZ players will also analyse the statistics available for individuals, and so become specialists, in the manner of fantasy sports followers, and will often be able to locate prop lines at bookmakers that are quite far off from a particular player’s projected production rate.

The fact is that bookmakers simply do not have the time they need to focus too much energy on individual players which have prop bets attached to them, and, because of this, lines are set simply using the basics, like his or her average statistics, and the stats of the player opposing them, which leaves a lot of room for error.

Props Bets Offer Punters an Advantage

Prop bets are in fact the one area wherein bettors may well have an edge over the bookmaker, simply because Joe or Jane Average has the time required to study the information available to them. Being able to answer questions like:

  • How has this particular player fared against the team he or she is facing in the past?
  • What has his or her recent form been like?
  • Are then injuries that he or she has to deal with?

can ensure that you see a reward more often than not.

There are hundreds of prop bets made available each week, and you will be able to find discrepancies that pop up far more often than you may imagine if you take a little time to get the groundwork done.