Why Mobile Betting is Different to Desktop Version

Why Mobile Betting is Different to Desktop Version

When we think about the word website, it is very easy for our mind to jump to a picture of desktop computer that is serving up content on a screen. We are not wrong for thinking this, however this is not the only version of a website that we can see.

When we look at the best online sports betting sites in New Zealand, we can see that although they do have a desktop version available to us, there are also many other versions that are available for any of our other devices. These are all part of the same online betting website and form an ecosystem.

So Which is Better?

Well, it is hard to say which is better. Both have their pros and cons, however mobile betting and desktop betting differ in so many ways. What it all boils down to is personal preference. Many bettors will swear by the desktop betting whilst others say that mobile is the future. So instead of giving a broad answer as to which is best in our opinion, let’s take a look at some of the main differences that mobile betting has over the desktop.

Mobile is Faster

When making bets online, using a mobile device is a lot faster and more convenient for any bettor. This means that bettors that choose to make use of the mobile friendly betting sites, or the apps that the top betting sites have to offer will be able to transact to and from their betting accounts as well as make any bet much quicker than if they were to use a desktop version. This is very convenient for any person that is on the move often.

Mobile Betting Offers Different Bonuses

A very fun and exciting reason to use a mobile device over a desktop website is that a number of the top online betting sites in New Zealand offer mobile only bonuses and rewards. Bettors that use a mobile device can experience higher payouts due to these rewards as they can make use of the different bonuses to maximise the bets they place.

Mobile Gets a Lot More Attention

Whether we want to believe it or not, mobile betting sites and apps will be given more attention from the online betting sites that they accompany. This means that they will be constantly updated with new features and more ways to win. The mobile sportsbooks understand that the majority of the market will be using a mobile device and that is why they place more time and energy into making the mobile gaming experience fun and vibrant.

Try Them out

If you are still deciding which platform will work best for you, the advice would be to give each platform a try and to decide from there. If you are already using a desktop website, the chances are very high that they will have a mobile app or a mobile friendly version for you to use.