Monster Smash Online Video Slot Game

Monster Smash Online Video Slot Game

Monster Smash is online video slot machine game from Swedish developer Play n Go. Released in June 2014, this slot game boasts a progressive jackpot as well as scatter symbol and a bonus round. Monster Smash has five reels and only five paylines, that can be read from left to right, right to left or diagonally.

Monster Smash has the unusual option for players of choosing the coin value per line, and not for the whole game. This means that each line can have a different value ranging from between 1 and five coins, which is the maximum bet. This opens Monster Smash up to a very wide range of betting styles and budgets, making it a great game for beginners and experienced players alike. The game is also available to play for both free money and real money, which means that you can practice on it before committing to anything concrete.

Monster Smash Style

Monster Smash is a cute game, with cartoony features and characters. The graphics are bright and cheerful and full of colour. The monsters themselves definitely would not scare you should you come across them at night, and look very similar to a popular animated movie with the same theme.

The standard symbols are not the usual deck of cards symbols, but are in fact fruit, such as plums, watermelons and pineapples. The rest of the symbols are the cute monsters themselves, named respectively Altomi, Munchi, Wonic, Stigil and Bob. These characters are well drawn and you can see that a lot of effort has gone into their design. The only thing missing would be to animate each character.

Monster Smash Symbols

Monster Smash does not have a wild symbol, but it does have two sets of scatter symbols. The first scatter is found in the way of two crossed bats. This symbol has different outcomes depending where on the reels it is found. If this scatter is set against a bronze, silver or gold ring the player qualifies for the corresponding jackpot named respectively Tasty, Luxury and Dream Chance Jackpot.

Three or more gold rings found with the bats scatter on the reels let’s the player get into the luxury progressive jackpot. To qualify for the progressive jackpot however the player has to be playing with at last .10 credits per line.

The next scatter is the Here We Go symbol. This symbol will lead the player to the five bonus games. If more scatters appear in the free spins round, the free spins can be re-triggered up to one hundred times.

Monster Smash Gamble Feature

Unique to Monster Smash, is the double gamble feature. This slot provides the player with two different double up games; Double Up and Triple Up. This game does not involve any cards or reels, but just a few symbols that look vaguely like a kiwi fruit. Under each fruit is either an amount or nothing. The aim of this is that the player can gamble on any winning spins up to 10 times, or until they choose to collect. Should they get a fruit with an amount, the wining spin is multiplied. Should they get an empty fruit, they go away with nothing.