Fruit Boxes Slot Introduced to Casino Players Online

Fruit Boxes Slot Introduced to Casino Players Online

For online casino slots players looking for a bit of change in their online slots experience, Fruit Boxes Slot might provide exactly that. The game, as traditional as it is when compared to other online slots, also holds its own as a unique and enjoyable slots game.

Fruit Boxes Slot, created and powered by iSoftware, is a 5 reel, 15 payline slots game set deep in the jungle. Reels in Fruit Boxes Slot are set out as crates, and each crate has a sticker on it, and these stickers are the symbols of the game.

The stickers, or symbols, are of different types of fruit. Everything ranging from pineapples to coconuts can be found as both lower and higher value symbols, added together with the scatter, wild, and bonus symbols. Fruit Boxes Slot can be played free across a number of websites, and only requires that the player has an active Internet connection. No downloads are necessary.

Fruit Boxes Slot Featured Gameplay

Like all iSoftware online slots game, Fruit Boxes Slot is extremely easy to play, and understanding the mechanics of the game is straightforward for both new and seasoned players. The very first button players will notice is the large spin button located in the centre along the button. The spin is what you will use to begin the main game, making the crates spinning until coming to a complete stop at random. When the crates have finished spinning, players will know whether they have earned any winnings, as the game is quick to display successful spins. Different combinations of symbols means different winnings, and this is added to the chance of players landing special symbols that can trigger bonus content. For those players who prefer to sit back and relax while the game plays, an auto spin function is available, where a number of automatic spins can be chosen, eliminating the need to continuously hit the spin button for every round.

In order to make a bet, there are five options available that can be found to the left of the main spin button. These bets are set at fixed amounts, and will be a different experience for players who are used to choosing the exact amount they would like to bet. This, however, does not take away from the enjoyment of Fruit Boxes Slot, and players will quickly grow accustomed to the layout of the wager settings. To find out more information about symbols, extras, and possible combinations, players can use the info panel.

Extra Content in Fruit Boxes Slot

Extra Content in Fruit Boxes Slot

Along with the main game symbols, like most Mac pokies, Fruit Boxes Slot also contains three special symbols, known as the wild, the scatter, and the bonus, and each has a different use in the game.

The wild, which is more commonly landed, acts as a substitute for all the other regular symbols. This means that if combinations on a spin can’t be completed through regular symbols, the wild can allow these combinations to finish.

The scatter is a bet multiplier symbol, and landing at least three across the reels, will add to the player’s initial winnings. 5 scatters can mean a payout of up to 25 times the bet amount.

The bonus symbol, when landed, triggers special prize spins, and gives the player a chance of extra winnings.

Fruit Boxes Slot Concluded

This online slots game can give players a traditional slots experience added with unique bonus content.