Exploring Albion Park, The Home Of Greyhound Racing

Exploring Albion Park, The Home Of Greyhound Racing

Albion Park is the main greyhound racing track in Brisbane, Australia. Home to the Group One Brisbane Cup, the track holds many races during the year.  The loam surfaced track has a number of starting boxes, with the second longest being the 520m start of the Brisbane Cup.

Track amenities include a bistro as well as a bar with big screen TV’s. The TV’s show other TAB events, which can be wagered upon via various online sites.

Brisbane Cup

The Brisbane Cup is one of Australia’s biggest dog races each year. The Cup is a group one race, and attracts dogs from all over the country. The field is large and varied, which offers good quality wagering and a decent purse to the winner.

The inaugural Brisbane Cup was held in 1972 at The Gabba, but changed names in 1975. In the olden days one would have to go to the track to place a bet, or call up a bookie on the phone. Although going to the track to watch the race is still very popular, placing a wager on a dog is a much easier exercise if one uses an online betting site.

Being one of the main events on the Sunshine coast, bookmakers offer fixed odds on the Brisbane Cup once the field and box order has been drawn. This allows punters to shop around a bit to find the odds and the bookies which suit them the best.

A number of bookies will offer added incentives to join up with them as well, such as welcome bonuses.

Online Offers

Since there are so many Australian betting sites that offer best on races at Albion Park, many of them have added incentives which they offer to punters in order to draw them into joining the site. These incentives come in the form of a small amount of free money that can be used to place a bet, or even the site reimbursing you should your wager be successful.

A welcome bonus is where the site matches your initial deposit up to a certain percentage. So for example if you place a first wager ever on a dog, the site will match it up to a dollar amount or a percentage, whichever comes first.

A no deposit bonus is where the site will offer a dollar amount to place a wager, before you even deposit any of your own. This is to give you a taste of what betting on greyhound racing at Albion Park is like, in the hopes that you will find it enjoyable and continue to use https://onlinebetting.nz/ betting services.

Other Online Services

Other bonuses of placing a bet with an online site are a varied amount of other services which one can make use of. These include backgrounds on the dogs and the trainers. Knowing a bit about each dog will help when placing a successful wager.

Dog’s pedigrees play a role in how well they run, as do things such as track conditions and who trains them. Injuries and illnesses can be read about online, and will affect the way a dog performs in a race. Race results and fixtures can also be found online, allowing punters to do a bit of research before the actual race.