A Simple Guide To Success In Greyhound Racing

A Simple Guide To Success In Greyhound Racing

In Greyhound races betting pools are really quite small as a maximum of eight dogs can run in any race.  This means that a lot of shortly priced favourites might not offer the higher paying dividends as in harness or horse racing.

Therefore, exotic betting markets and Win bets are more popular in Greyhound betting, and if you have done your research and use the right betting methods, very generous wins are available to you.  Because the group of runners is smaller, it is easier to consider the odds and contenders, and makes this a really good sport to bet on.

The Importance of Betting Research

Studying the statistics of each dog and their career history is essential, as unlike in horseracing; there is no ‘jockey factor’ to influence how the race might go.

The most important statistics to look at in greyhound betting is how many races the dog has run recently, and which positions they finished in; which dog trainers have trained the most winners in the sport, the dog’s split time and previous records on the race track.

Some dogs tend to run better from certain box numbers, so you want to consider whether the running style of the dog is suited to the box it is starting from in the race you are betting on.

The Age Of The Dog in Greyhound Racing

This factor cannot be emphasised enough, though there are always exceptions.  The male dogs reach their peak around age two, whereas for the bitches it is around three years old.

Greyhounds generally retire between ages four to six years, so do keep an eye on the age of the dog.

The Greyhound Has Missed A Few Races

Any dog that hasn’t raced in the last few races (say a month or so) won’t be dogs that you want to bet on.

They may have been suffering an illness or injury, and will likely need a few races to get back into the swing of things before reaching their previous levels of performance.

Watch The Online Sportsbooks

The starting prices that bookies have set on the dogs are solid indicators of which greyhounds are most likely to finish in a top three position on any particular race.

Betting on the initial favorite is definitely a good value bet, don’t get swayed by large amounts of punters putting a lot of money on a certain dog – this can make the price get to a false point.

Trust the sportsbooks who have years of experience in determining the odds in Greyhound racing, long before bets on false favourite skew the way you are viewing the odds.

The Form Of The Dog

If at all possible, take a look at the live sports coverage, and if you can see the dogs prior to the race, you may be able to tell which dogs look in top form and are full of energy and spirited as compared to some that might seem a bit tired and not in top form, and whilst that might go against their track record, even champion greyhounds have off days and understanding a bit of their body language could give you a winning edge. Greyhound racing can bring good winnings if you follow these steps.