A Guide To Free Spins at Your Favourite Casino

A Guide To Free Spins at Your Favourite Casino

Free spins are a bonus feature that is offered to slot machine players. When playing a slot machine game, the player will spin the reels on the screen with the aim of forming winning combinations in order to receive a payout, and maybe even the game jackpot.

Each time the player spins the reels; he or she needs to place a bet on the spin. If the spin reveals a winning combination, then the player will receive a certain amount of money based on the wager they placed and according to that particular game’s pay table.

When a player receives a free spins bonus it means that he or she does not need to wager any of their own money before spinning the reels, but if they land a winning combination they will still be paid out.

This is a great advantage because it means that players can potentially win big while not actually using any of their own money; and should they lose the spin, they have not lost any of their own money.

It is for this reason that the free spins bonus is an extremely popular bonus for slot machine players and many players choose which casino they will play at, or which slot machine games they will play, based on the availability of free spins bonuses.

Free Spins as a Bonus Offered by Online Casinos

Many casino options offer their members certain bonuses. These bonuses can include a welcome bonus, a no deposit cash bonus, a free cash bonus, a deposit match bonus or a free spins bonus.

Different casinos differ on which bonuses they offer players so if the bonuses are an important aspect to you then you should make sure to look at what bonuses an online casino offers before registering an account with the casino.

The free spins bonus is often included as part of the welcome bonus to players for joining the casino. They can also be offered as a bonus whenever players make a deposit. These free spins do, however, sometimes have limitations placed on them.

For example, in certain online casinos these free spins are only offered on specific slot machine games instead of on any of the games.

There may also be time limits put in place where a player must use the free spins in a certain number of days before they are forfeited.

Free Spins as a Special Feature of a Slot Machine

Free spins are also offered as a special bonus feature in many of the slot machine games. In many of the games, the free spins bonus feature is activated by a number of special symbols, or a certain combination of symbols, appearing on an active payline.

The number of free spins allotted to the player will usually be determined based on which winning combination of symbols triggered the bonus round. In the free spins bonus round, the player will get to play the allocated number of free spins and any winnings during this round will be added to the player’s overall winnings.

In many of the slot machine games, the free spins bonus round will also play additional wild symbols or scatter symbols and often there is a chance to win even more free spins.

There can also be a multiplier placed on any winning from this round. For all these reasons, games that feature a free spins bonus round are extremely popular among players.