A Clear Introduction to Online Lottery Canada for Players

A Clear Introduction to Online Lottery Canada for Players

Lotteries in Canada have been a source of tax-free money and important funds for public works since the 1970s. Schools, art foundations, healthcare projects and many other community programs have benefitted from Lottery coffers. Today the action has been taken into the digital arena as well, and tickets can be bought on any desktop or handheld device, whenever and wherever is most convenient. When playing the online Lottery Canada has several options available.

Online Lottery Options and Advantages

It is still very easy to play the Lottery by purchasing tickets from local stores, but the options for the online Lottery Canada has available are improving all the time. Anyone living in British Columbia or anywhere in Atlantic Canada can buy local tickets online, and there are 2 nationwide forms of online Lottery Canada has to offer to those in these regions as well. The Atlantic and British Columbia Lottery Commissions introduced their respective online PlaySphere and PlayNow Systems in 2004, which allow for digital ticket purchases. Whether or not they can accommodate the online Lottery Canada’s provinces all offer good guidelines and helpful advice, such as the big Jackpots of the week, on their official websites.

Buying tickets online means players have access to several different products on 1 site. Besides the Lottery tickets mentioned above, Scratch Cards, Bingo games and Fantasy Sports Leagues are all available. Players can also set up subscriptions, so that they are automatically registered for a ticket with a certain set of numbers for each draw, to make things even more convenient.

There are safety benefits to playing online as well. Sites employ strict identity and age verification measures, and if players are worried about overspending they can set a deposit limit. These limits usually have a 24-hour delay before they can be increased, so giving in to temptation is less likely. The system also tracks players’ history, so that they can check out their own patterns and modify them where they need to.

Nationwide Online Games

The 2 national options for online Lottery Canada offers are Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max, though players do still need to be in British Columbia or Atlantic Canada to buy tickets for these games online. When the Lotto 6/49 was launched in 1982, it became the first game in which Canadians could pick their own numbers rather than having them assigned. The game is operated by Canada’s Interprovincial Lottery Commission, and involves 6 numbers being drawn from 48, with an additional Bonus Number. If all of the main 6 numbers correspond to a player’s ticket, they’ll be paid at least 5 million Canadian Dollars. If 5 of the 6 main numbers and the Bonus Number match, they’ll get the second prize which is usually between 100,000 and 500,000 Canadian Dollars. There are also many smaller prizes for less winning digits, with and without the Bonus Number, and a Guaranteed Prize Draw where 1 player gets a Guaranteed 1 million Canadian Dollars after every draw.

Lotto Max also involves a set of 49 numbers like some games of online lotto South Africa, this time requiring players to choose 7. This makes the odds of winning the Jackpot higher in Lotto Max that Lotto 6/49, and fewer corresponding numbers return smaller rewards in this game as well. Every ticket gives players 2 series of numbers, a set they choose and a randomly generated set. Every Jackpot is capped at 50 million Canadian Dollars, with overflow being redistributed in parcels of 1 million via subsequent draws. These 2 factors give players a better shot at getting something out of Lotto Max games.